What is ASG ?

The Alpha Signal Generator is a proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm using precise defined logic in its code to send out cryptocurrency signals to verified and authenticated users through the Telegram Bot.

Which crypto pairs does the ASG send out signals for?

ASG send out signals for the top traded crypto pairs.

o   BTC / USDT  

o   ETH / USDT

o   XRP / USDT

o   LTC / USDT

o   BNB / USDT

 We are working on bringing more crypto pairs to the ASG portfolio.

What are the three levels of signals generated?

 Type 3 : Quick trade signals , with a potential 1% Profit booking with a stop loss of 0.4% , traded on closing of 1 minute candle. 

Type 4 :Quick trade signals , with a potential 1%-1.5% Profit booking with a stop loss of 0.4% , traded on closing of 1 minute candle. 

Type 5 :Long term signals , with a potential 2% -2.5 %Profit booking with a stop loss of 1.5%% , traded on closing of 15 minute candle.

How are signals delivered ?

Signals are sent out to our subscribers via the Telegram Bot.

Is there a set time frame for subscribers to receive signals?

No there is not. Signals are sent daily, all year round, even during holidays as they are automatically generated by the algorithm and send out from our servers to the Telegram bot.- 24 x 7 x 365

What Data Source does the ASG use to generate signals?

 ASG uses data primarily from Kraken, Poloniex, ByBit and Binance in its mathematical calculations for its supported currency pairs.

Does Ainalytix provide any guarantee?

No. Ainalytix does not provide any guarantee of return on investment. We only provide data that traders use to make their own decisions.

How to subscribe to ASG

 Go to our subscription page, enter your details and pay using crypto or PayPal and then search for “@ALPHASIGNALGENERATOR” on telegram, and enter your username and password that has been generated after your successful payment. 

Watch our video for more information :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBkDhvZbIbM

Does Ainalytix Trade on Behalf of customers?

No. Ainalytix does not trade on behalf of clients. ASG only provides signals to its subscribers.

Does Ainalytix store customer data

Ainalytix does not store any customer data besides Name, email address and telegram username.

How much does the ASG cost?

ASG works on a subscription model. Customers are billed $19.99 per month. Please click here to subscribe :https://ainalytix.com/subscribe/ 

How do I unsubscribe?

Please send an email to [email protected]

Who are Ainalytix partners?

BitOrb, Paypal, Coinbase Commerce , Contabo.