Real Time Crypto Market Indicator Using AI

Built By Traders For Traders

Real Time Crypto Market Indicator Using AI

Built By Traders For Traders

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Provides highly accurate cryptocurrency indicators via the Telegram Bot. Built completely inhouse, our proprietary AI software enables crypto traders create profitable trading strategies.

Autonomous Crypto Arbitrage Bot

Fully autonomously, The Crypto Bot can execute signals received by ASG on multiple exchanges simultaneously at lightning speeds.

Stock Trading Algorithmic Solution

Seamless integration with your existing trade account, the Stock Bot analyses real time data for scalping. Available from early 2021 for selected markets.


Using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum computing, AiNALYTIX (AiX) is able to provide various indicators and instruments to generate a significant edge in the Cryptocurrency and Stock markets. Don’t take our word for it, Have a look at our Data over the last few months.

We experimented with various tools currently available in the crypto markets and to our dissatisfaction, we couldn’t find anything noteworthy. We found an Opportunity! 



The journey began to build a product that traders like us can use to create profitable trading strategies. Over a year’s worth of hard work and dedication has gone into developing our proprietary solution from the ground up.

We are extremely proud to introduce The Alpha Signal Generator (ASG), targeting Cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

Simultaneously we’re working on the final stages of our Crypto Arbitrage and Stock Market Algorithmic Trading solutions which will be available to traders before the end of 2020 in select regions.



Strive to provide high quality and accurate trading tools by continuously identifying niche opportunities in global markets while carrying out our business in a responsible and ethical manner.


To become the global go-to source for superior trading signals and unmatched Algorithmic Trading Solutions.


Arnav A Nagpal

Co-founder, Business Development & Sales  

A Business Administration graduate from Curtin University of Technology Australia, Arnav has worked in multiple countries and has experience in private equity and debt funding. Arnav currently runs a Forex brokerage firm and is an avid trader in the Fx and Crypto markets.

Devnsh Khullar

Co-founder, Technical & Product Development

Holding a masters degree in Engineering from University Of Bath , Experience in AI backed trading software for stock market , co-founder of BHSC India.

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Weekly Signals





  • 100+ Weekly Signals
  • 80% Accuracy
  • Top 5 Assets
  • Multiple Supports & Resistance Indicator
  • Bot available to 250 users only

Autonomous Crypto Arbitrage Bot


  • Low Risk
  • Scalps between multiple exchange
  • Fully Autonomous 
  • Risk Adjustment Parameter
  • Exposure in Both Futures and Spot Market

Stock Trading Algorithmic Solution


  • Scalper made for stocks
  • Real Time Data Analysis 
  • Use Across Multiple Exchange
  • Trade any stocks
  • Available on Android and iOS

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